Scavenger hunt to discover Montmartre - English version, Square Joël-Le Tac, vendredi, 13. septembre 2019

Come and discover the most interesting nooks and crannies of Montmartre through a scavenger hunt type of game tailored specifically for English speaking travellers and newcomer city residents. 
The game is a great alternative to a guided tour but with much more independence! 
How does it work? 
All the players meet at the beginning of the game and receive the instructions as well as the game kits from the game master. You have 3h30 to resolve them all at your own pace (be assured no running involved, the game itself will require only 2h45 to be solved, so you have extra time to grab a coffee, buy souvenirs or take photos!). 
You may team up with other players on spot, play alone or play in team with the people you came with. The game begins! 
Have fun playing and if you have any issues you can always contact our game master who will stay in the neighborhood. 
3h30 later let's meet at the final point of the game and discuss the puzzles, solutions and all the interesting things you have seen in Montmartre. The person or the team with the best score will win a Paris-related souvenir to celebrate the victory :)
Don't hesitate to ask our game master for tips for the rest of your stay in Paris (places to eat, see, budget tips)!
What should I bring? Good mood, a bottle of water and make sure your clothing is weather appropriate. 
What about the game equipment? We will provide you with everything needed and the game master will pick it up at the end of the game (the game equipment is borrowed for the duration of the game only). 
Is it physically challenging? Not really, you will be walking and go up several flights of stairs. No running involved!
Do I need to speak French? It is a bonus if you do, but it is not necessary. The game master and the game materials are all in English! You may pick up a few French words during the game, though ;)
Can I come with kids? Yes, of course! They will have a good time observing the neighbourhood with you (kids under 12 tag along free of charge)
Do I have to print the ticket? Please don't! We believe in saving the trees so you can show us the ticket on your phone screen or give us the ticket number+your full name once you arrive to the game.

vendredi, 13. septembre 2019, Square Joël-Le Tac, Scavenger hunt to discover Montmartre - English version

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