Mystical Marriage : Rishis and Kumaras : 333 New Earth Ti…

UPDATE … !!! MYSTICAL MARRIAGE : RISHIS AND KUMARAS : 333 NEW EARTH TIMELINES From one perspective, it seems like a cosmic thread is being woven. During the January 17th event, we were witness to comet Catalina passing the stars Mizar and Alcor in handle of the Big Dipper. This 7-starred constellation, Ursa Major, the Big Bear, is the custodian of the Seven Rays of Divine Will. We also followed the path of the SUN creating blue apple orbs in the cathedral Rennes le Chateau. We paid tribute to the Cathars and reinstated the Church of AMOR, which has been linked with the Bride of Christ, Mary Magdalene. And now, for the event on February 14th, a day which traditionally reinforces the power of Love, we are lead further on in the story: the Seven Stars of the Big Dipper are also known in Hindu lore as the Seven Rishis (sages). “The principle of masculine active force of these stars is called the Rishic Suns. It is the new activity of the Rishic Suns that are changing the masculine principle through the alteration of the Seven Ray particle structure. The Rishic Suns are sequentially merging with the Seven Sister stars in the Pleiades in the Taurus constellation, the Bull. Together, this is the active principle of the masculine and the receptive principle of the feminine uniting through the constellations which allows access into the cosmic planes. This has not occurred for over 250,000+ years and is incredible event in our Cosmos happening now.”

Lisa Renee :

And we find the linkage to the Pleiades: “Fascinatingly, the Pleiades have also been likened to a bunch of grapes or Blue Apples. Ancient coins depict doves with bodies formed by bunches of grapes. The dove appeared in migration at the time of vintage, its purple-red breast like wine reminding the wine makers of their grapes. Suddenly, the story of Jesus’ “curing” Mary Magdalene, his chief apostle, of “possession” by “seven demons” takes on New meaning. These seven demons may well be the seven stars of the Pleiades. His “curing” would therefore represent him mystically attuning her soul or telling her stories about the seven stars (or Blue Apples) of the Pleiades. “

And speaking of Doves, the New Lunar month is under the influence of the sabian symbol: A large white Dove bearing a message. As above, so below. Through the merging of the Big Dipper and the Pleiades, the Rishis and the Kumaras, the Eagles and the Serpent Dragons, the Divine Feminine and Masculine, we bring forth once again the christed consciousness within ourselves which then cascades in affecting the planetary body. Through the work we are doing to open the higher dimensional timelines (5d-6d onwards) we are affecting the entire universe.

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