15. avril 2032 - 18:00 jusqu'à 20:00

My 40th B-day!, Dunno yet... It might not even exist yet!, jeudi, 15. avril 2032

So, as you know, my 40th b-day is coming up fast, only 22 more years from the time I write this (18 from the time I edited it last)! So, as everyone knows, you instantly become olde when you are 40, so I might as well plan for this day wayyyyyyy in advance. Also, the fact that I will be officially old might be a major downer and I will need a bit of cheering up! Bring booze, since hopefully you lazy butts will be over 18 at this time (honestly, just growww up!). Plus, nobody can say that they are going to be busy on that day, so that is a major plus! So, hopefully we will all be alive at this time, and even that is a reason to party! So bring your future kids/robots/aliens and it'll be awesome!

jeudi, 15. avril 2032, Dunno yet... It might not even exist yet!, My 40th B-day!

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