Ke'ch Collective @The Others Art Fair Torino, Turin, jeudi, 03. novembre 2016

KE'CH Collective goes Torino!
We are happy to show the fruits of our first "Laboratoire de la Mondialité" we achieved during the Marrakech Biennale! An interactive info board will guide the visitors through the exhibition and everyone can experience again the great artworks from:
Laila Hida & Marie Sutter, Alia Ali, Ghizlane Sahli Sarnefors with Sergei Rossi & Sead Fox Bayhan, Flavia Horat, Zainab Andalibe & Nicolas Kozerawski, Gian-Reto Gredig & Goran Galic, Rita Alaoui & Anna-Sabina Zürrer, Embroiderers-of Actuality, Aniko M. E. Boehler & Mohmed Baala
KE'CH swap2016 Marrakech 25.02. - 02.07.2016:
Curated by Mia Odermatt & Co-Curated by Nicole La Belle, Produced by Mohamed Bousaadi, Vania Kukleta & Sead Fox Bayhan, Scenography by Flavia Horat and Graphic Design by Safu One!
A new swap2016 Torino completes our exhibition:
I M You
by Mo Baala (in situ textile installation & performance )
With a musical performance from CdMPT Daniele Galliano
& Pierluigi Pusole - curated by Aniko M. E. Boehler
Especially created for The Others Art Fair Torino Italy with the KE'CH Collective
Thank you The Others Art Fair for the invitation.
We are looking forward to our installation!

jeudi, 03. novembre 2016, Turin, Ke'ch Collective @The Others Art Fair Torino

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