How to Be Your Own Boss? Be an E-commerce Entrepreneur!, Oasis Village, samedi, 03. août 2019

Dreaming Of Entrepreneurship But Don't Have An Idea and How To Start?
You want to start a side business or become a entrepreneur, but you don't know where to start. You want to "follow your passions," but you can't figure out how.
Behind almost every single success story you hear, there are false starts, explorations and failed projects. You're probably not going to get it right the first time you try, but if you don't start something, you will never get it right.
Someone said,
"You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince/princess."
But how many frogs you are prepared to kiss before you find your prince/princess? Nobody wants to kiss way too many frogs as it is really unpleasant! So to cut short your journey to be a successful entrepreneur (and kiss less frogs), you need to find a right mentor.
Finding the right mentor is crucial as an entrepreneur. Having an idea is one thing. But knowing how to turn that idea into a successful business is another. So, how do you go about finding the right mentor to turn your dreams into a reality? Finding the right mentor is extremely important for success. Many of the best entrepreneurs got where they are today because they found the right mentor!

Mr Yap is a young, retired & veteran in property deals and training(s) with proven track record with this business as top-earner in this niché market via an existing E-Commerce turn~key platforms & Mobile-Ready in multi-currencies transacting Apps with network in more than 40 countries.
He will present an Exclusive 1-Day ONLY Presentation which covers;-
On how with YouTube, Facebook, Amazon and LinkedIn createing a growth in this New Disruptive of E-Commerce Biz knowing the global trending in demand through Google trends?
Would you like to be able To Live A Life With Freedom To Choose?
This presentation includes;-
1. How to combine all 4 #SMM together? 2. Which target customers will give you the most views = $$$ on YouTube? 3. Simple and easy steps to start your profitable YouTube channel and or other ** platforms. meant for business builders 4. Case study of 6-7 figures earner in 1 year from YouTube (involving small children and big size lady). 5. Know how the secrets to post and promote and make money thousands of dollars without advertising on Facebook without ads and without your family and friends knowing? 6. How to create passive income on Amazon without stocks, drop shipping, dealing with suppliers or even customer service through learning new skillset? 7. And other new proven methods unknown to the majority...
✅ A special preview on our exclusive add-on LinkedIn MasterClass (Full-Day Training) on the following day. *ONLY for ready participants to learn and execute with this online business ✅
Why hesitate? Just GRAB this "EXCLUSIVE" chance and empower yourself with more knowledge! This is one presentation which you can’t afford to miss.
Who should attend;-
 1. Working Professional want to be your OWN Boss!
 2. Anybody with a desire to change for the Better in Life
 3. Retirees - Business Owner(s)
 4. Existing Online E-Commerce business owner with a stagnant progress
 5. or anyone who just want to earn residual income

Last but not least, a piece of advice from a wise man.
"You never know where your actions will lead to.
But if you don't do anything, they will lead you to nowhere." 
                                                                                - Mahatma Ghandi.

Come on and join us in this amazing workshop to experience the revolutionary E-Commerce Business platform.
We will guide you step by step to earn more on the side - without spending a lot of time or taking big risks.
 You have nothing to lose and all to gain!
RSVP early to secure your seat to avoid disappointment.

samedi, 03. août 2019, Oasis Village, How to Be Your Own Boss? Be an E-commerce Entrepreneur!

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