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Thank you for Supporting Shé D'Montford on her Walk for the Goddess Through the Camino de Compostella.
Many people believe that walking the Camino de Santiago opens them to life-changing personal and spiritual experiences powered by the energy from the Milky Way above and the millions who have trodden the earthly path below. There are many people whose lives have been completely transformed by this journey across Spain. Open-hearted love, overcome by tears of joy, wonder or gratitude are the soul’s natural response to the incredible natural, architectural beauty and energy of the places on this track. Walkers experience goodwill, kindness, openness and warmth with in the group of fellow travellers and from the communities transversed on this journey. It really is a magical journey to be a courageous mortal who returns to the source whilst watching the stars of the Milky Way twinkling overhead every night.The question still remains: Why will you walk The Camino de Compostela? Is it because Santiago houses the are the bones of St James, St Junia or Mohammad? Or for something at transcends all religion? Pilgrims don’t care. The site is ancient and sacred. It is full of power. Walking the path is transformative. It changes you. It doesn’t matter which saint or god/dess you walk it for. If you walk this crocked and winding path Magick Happens!Buen Camino!
COME WITH US! If you would like to JOIN US there is a trip to The Camino happening for NH Summer Solstice 2020 which some of our readers will be taking. It is a 790 km walk starting from Lourdes, on the 1st June where we will meet the icon of the Black Madonna whilst it is making it own pilgrimage .
Because there is filming, we will take 50 days to walk the trail which is only about 16km per day. If you can afford to take a month and a half for yourself, It will be a transformative once in a lifetime experience The Camino is free to walk but you will still have to pay your own airfares, accommodation and food - which is very reasonably priced.
If you would like to accompany us please do some more research. People who have done The Camino are happy to blog about it online and there is a lot of advise & lots of guide books. Please see the list below to get you started.
Your editor, Shé D’Montford, has been invited to be part of a documentary about The Camino by The Starwalkers foundation. The foundation director describes its mission this way:
“Great change often comes from small actions of committed people working together for progress, and Star Walkers Foundation Inc. is a rallying cry to establish dignity and equal positions in society for women that are long overdue. As a foundation, our mission is to provide women the opportunity to embark upon a meditative pilgrimage towards healing, transformation, and empowerment. In June 2020, we will embark and document our first annual pilgrimage with 13 women from around the globe. Together these women will walk a deeply personal, physical, and spiritual journey along the ancient interfaith pilgrimage of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela (“The Way of the Stars”) from France to Spain. Covering 500 miles in 50 days and forced out of their routine, comfort zones, and cultures, these women will be confronted with their strengths and weaknesses stripped bare to discover what makes each of them feel free, empowered, and independent. In gratitude, Olivia Elliott.” Founding Director/Producer - Star Walkers Foundation Inc.-
We are fundraising for this project. Even if you can’t come with us it would be great if you could be part of making such a worthy goddess filled documentary. Because both Starwalkers and Shambhallah are charities any donation is tax deductible. If you would like register to walk with us I am asking that you may find it in your heart to donate via:Fellow Travellers for The Goddess  or donate directly via Paypal

10 Reasons why the Camino is a good first long-distance pilgrimage walk

You can take a shower and sleep in a bed every day for just $5/day.
You don't need to carry any food because there’s restaurant meals available every few hours.
You don't even need to carry water! There’s fresh piped drinking water about every 45 minutes. No need to Purify it either!!!
No need to carry your trash with you for days since you'll pass a trash can about every 10 minutes.
As a result of all this, your backpack could be as light as 1 kg (2.2 pounds).
You don't need a map or navigation skills because the route is well marked.
The wide path lets you walk side-by-side with your companion(s), making for easy conversation.
It's flat, easy hiking nearly everywhere, with occasional gentle climbs/descents.
It's extremely social. There are lots of interesting people from all over the world you will meet.
You'll walk through 5-20 rustic villages per day.

(OK. Ok. I said 10 but you get the main reason as a bonus! :)
Register Now- Fellow Travellers for The Goddess  or donate directly via Paypal

lundi, 01. juin 2020, Lourdes, Fellow Travelers for the Goddess

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