Cebu Doctors Association Gala Dinner, monde, samedi, 21. septembre 2019

OVER 48 INVESTORS PRESENTLY REGISTEREDThis event is cosponsored by FoundersSpace featuring their Chairman Steve Hoffman as a speaker with his new exciting includes networking, pitch, demo tables, drinks and dinner. This is an event we only do a few times a year so don't miss out. You can network with investors and discuss these issues:

What are top tech and investing trends in different market areas?

How can you attract investors and corporate partners?

What are funding strategies?

What are challenges and opportunities for health tech startups?

How can you get access to stakeholders: patients, hospital systems, insurers, drugmakers, regulations and laws.

INVESTORS REGISTER FOR COMP TICKETSAccredited investors (angels, VCs, corporate, institutional) can request a comp ticket. Send email withyour name, company, website, Linked in profile or Angel List profile showing you are an investor. Once we verify and approved, we will send you code for comp Send email with your contact info to
You can host a table in Demo Showcase and give a short pitch to sells out since we only allow 45 minutes of total pitching for up to 10 startups, so register now on our site. You will meet many accredited investors actively looking for investing or advanced growth ventures in these markets: Sensors, healthcare, wellness, fitness, medical devices, enterprise and consumer apps, services, platforms, insurance, patient care, health management and operations, health services, biometrics, cannabis, agtech, foodtech, pharma, life science, PITCHING OPTIONS:All options include free demo table, tickets and option includes full attendee list where consent provided.
5:00-5:30 Registration, Drinks, Networking5:30-6:10 Featured Talk: NueralLink, Brain Hacking & MindTech - The Future of Brain Computer InterfacesSteve Hoffman, Captain & Chairman, Founders Space
Steve is author of the award-winning book Make Elephants Fly. In this talk, Hoffman will discuss the latest brain technologies and how they will transform our lives and the world. Find out how will brain chips, EEG, dream readers and BCI devices will change the way we think, communicate and interact with one another. Discover the promise and perils of a world where everyone's mind is connected to the Internet. And learn how this new technology will transform every business on the planet.• What is brain hacking and how does it work?• Will everyone have a chip in their brain someday?• How can we extend life, and is immortality possible?• What will it be like to have your brain connected to the Internet?6:10-7:00 NETWORKING DINNERNetworking Mixer, Delicious Food and Drinks, Demo Showcase7:00-7:45 PROGRAM AND STARTUPS PITCHING
7 Minutes:Family Personali Tcodes Endiatx
5 Minutes:PROTXX, Inc Heads Up CheckupTiro Medical

3 Minutes:Tivic Health Systems IncDurVena Gini Health Medisante- Group
30 SecondsShapehealth
Investor Networking and Demo Showcase
Company Job Title First Name Last Name

Acorn Campus Taiwan General Partner Michel Chu
Allegis Cyber, Associate, Yutaro Kawaoka
AMGEN ,Senior Sales Leader, Carolyn Newman
Apple Inc.,Software Engineer ,Kalkidan Zewdu
Astia Angels / Stanford Angels ,Angel Investor, Joyo Wijaya
Black Dog Venture Partners ,Dir. of Business Development ,Jerry Heikens
Blue Shield of California, Lead Automation and Release Engineer ,Aditya Inapurapu
Button Capital ,Partner, Xi Fang
Cure Ventures, Managing Partner, Janice Hou
Cybernaut, Investment Director, Rui Lu
DEFTA Partners ,Managing Director, kyoko Watanabe
DEFTA Partners ,Associate ,Kazuki Ebisutani
Ex-Samsung Electronics America VP, GM Satheesh Sudarsan
Faith ,Executive Council ,Sho Izaki
FundRx, Investor ,Cory Laws
Genentech ,S enior Manager, Ali Panjwani
HSQ Capital Group ,Managing Partner, Brian Kennison
IAS Founder ,Vijay Singh
IBM ,Senior Program Manager , Keerti Kulkarni
Intel ,Director of Engineering, Rex Chen
Keiretsu Forum ,Member Investor, Marco Salvadori
Lisair Founder ,Lisa Weber
Medtronic ,&D Engineer ,jaclyn kawwas
MIT Alumni Angels Officer J,enny Liu
Nippon Life Insurance Company, Deputy Head of Innovation, Sho Miyashiro
OBI Capital Manager ,alex antebi
OBI Capital Director ,Nina Luu
Olympus Senior Researcher ,Sanchit Talwar
Olympus America Manager ,Yasuko Shusa
Paulson investment, Vice President Roy Liang
PBG President ,David Lin
Phaenomena West Capital ,Managing Partner, Cindy Wang
Presidio Ventures, Investor, Simrat Wason
R-Pharm / RBV Capita,l Vice President,Valeria Povolotsky
Rara Ventures ,Partner, Ravan Boddu
Samsung Strategist ,Fulya Yilmaz
Samsung Electronics, Senior Manager, Strategy Bob Lian
Samsung Electronics, Innovation strategist, Paul Kim
Sandhill Angels ,Member ,Leung Kwok
Translinkcapital ,Principal, Brian Tomogane
Translinkcapital, Assosiate,Shin Arita
Translinkcapital ,Investment Manage, Alex Wang
Vedanta Capital ,Partner, Shrikant Sathe
Vickers Venture Partners, Director, Xinhong Lim
Vickers Venture Partners, Directo,r Kenneth Chew
VMware Staff ,Technical Program Manager, Advait Patil
Vodafone ,Biz Dev ,Domenica Dinkheller
VU Fund Investor,Sterling Duggan



Bio tech

Food tech and food products

Health and wellness apps


Investors-Angels, VCs, Corporate, Institutional, Incubators

Life science

Medical billing and management

Medical Devices

Medical Professionals


Researchers and academics

Robotics and AI


Service Providers

samedi, 21. septembre 2019, monde, Cebu Doctors Association Gala Dinner

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